Gwen Hardy Collection

Gwen has been involved in the leather lifestyle since 1998 as a leatherboy, bootblack and as a leather history archivist.

Gwen has held the titles of Florida Leather Sir/boy Bootblack 2003, and International Leather Sir/boy Bootblack 2003.

She has presented at Together in Leather, judged International Leather Sir/boy bootblack and Ms World Leather and was a board member of Ms/Mr World Leather for three years.

Gwen was awarded the Pantheon of Leather Florida Region award in 2007.

In her spare time, Gwen enjoys leather crafting, woodworking and has amassed quite a large collection of leather history memorabilia, including magazines, club colors, rare books, patches, pins, posters, and vests.

Gwen opened her Colors-of-Leather website after Viola Johnson’s encouragement that others would enjoy seeing her version of the leather history timeline. The website houses a vast majority of not only Gwen’s personal collection, but pretty much anything she can get her hands on from our leather past and present.

Her favorite quote is: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” by John Quincy Adams

Gwen's Worn Leathers

New York Eagle Vest
Laced Leather Pants - Knee High Boot Cut
Gwen Hardy crafted Green Leather Shirt
Black Bootblack Jumpsuit
Gwen Laced Leather Pants - Back
Leather Chaps
ILSb Bootblack 2003 Vest
Florida Boys of Leather - Boy Pride Vest
White Leather Shirt - IML
Gwen Leather Boy Hotpants (Shorts)

The E-bay Whore's Leathers

San Francisco Vest