Born from a passion for seeking out, recording, and saving all Leather history – Leather Rescue is an organization dedicated to facilitating and enabling the donation, documentation, preservation, storytelling,  and adoption of community leather.

By “community leather” we mean: Leatherwear, denim, hats, corsets, boots, toys/tools, cuffs, harnesses, etc. of any textile. Any item that can be rejuvenated and adopted back into the community, as long as it is “Leather,” we are interested. The only item we are not currently accepting is sashes. (Though that may change in the future.)

What we do:

– Accept donations of community leather.

– Document the leather and its owner’s story.

– Clean, condition and love the leather.

– When necessary, minor repairs are made in house, major repairs are sent out to specialists 


– Unrepairable items are deconstructed and the leather is offered to the community for other purposes – such as pattern making, toy making, or leather crafts 

– Archive historically significant pieces as received.

– Present the owner’s leather and history online.

– Separate accoutrement, document, and distribute for preservation and display.

– Auction significant pieces at select events to benefit travel funds, the Community Leather Rescue Project sponsors, and various charities.

– Make “Storied Leather” available to the community for adoption.

– Back Patches will be offered back to the originating club if possible.


Read a more detailed description on the About Us page.

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