Mama Vi's Special Collection

Mama Vi’s collection is “special” because it was a part of the inspiration for the Community Leather Rescue Project. Our Bootblack took one look at Vi’s closet full of leather and developed immediate onset Tourette’s. We “stole” all the leather that needed care and brought it back to our workshop, where it was thoroughly loved. While it was in our care, it whispered sweet words in our ears (it is Mama Vi’s leather after all) and inspired us to create the website you are currently reading.  It is now safely back home and much happier!

Cowboy Hat
Mama Vi Boys of Leather Vest
T.U.L.S.A Vest
Leather Tuxedo Pants
Quilted Leather Jacket
Leather Double Breasted Coat
Prototype Cuffs
Leather Tuxedo Vest - Red
Leather Tuxedo Vest - Black
Leather Sweatpants
Leather Full Circle Skirt
Leather Backpack (Purse)
Family Banner